7 Steps to Buying a Home

Find the right agent

An agent is an important partner when buying a home. Agents can provide you with helpful information on homes that isn’t easily available to the public. Their knowledge of the home buying process. Negotiating skills, and familiarity with the area you want to live can be extremely valuable. And best off in most cases will not cost you anything, they are paid from the seller at the time of closing.

find a real estate agent

Get preapproved for financing

Before you start looking for a home, you will need to know how much you can exactly spend. The preapproval will provide that information. Your agent can assist with a referral, if needed. Keep in mind, you are buying a home and a mortgage so your agent can help find the best programs for you. Typically most financing takes 30 to 45 days to closing.

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Shop for your home

Start looking at homes. Your agent can help guide you to the websites along with being on the lookout for new listings. The market is a moving entity so timing can be important. Your agent will set up showing appointments. It is good to take videos and good notes as you look at each home.

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You have found the right home. Time to make an offer.

Your agent will have the necessary forms and information along with the information to help craft a purchase agreement. Having a market analysis of the prospective home can be valuable, that can be provided by your agent. There are many things that go into an offer, such as type of financing, seller paid costs, possession, closing date, and more.

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Your offer is accepted

It is time to order and coordinate any inspections. Most of the time those need to be done within 10 days. The buyer choses the type and scope of the inspections and usually this is a buyer expense and it can be $400 to 500. If there are issues there is an allowance for further negotiations. At the same time your agent will get copies of the purchase agreement to the lender so they can get the financing on its way.

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Financing is fully approved. You are ready to schedule the closing.

A date, time, location will be chosen that works for all parties to have the closing. Final papers will be signed, money will be exchanged for a deed. This will happen at a Title insurance company. Utilities will be transferred along with a plan to get the keys for the new owner.

Purchasing a home in Kalamazoo

Move into your new home!

the right move for your family